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Location:  Nepal

The Gokyo trail is South West of Mt Everest. If you join this journey you will be on the trail for 14 days. The area holds the 5 holy lakes formed by the tears of Shiva (long story) and pilgrims make the walk from India and all over Nepal to see these lakes and be blessed by their waters. A dip in the lake is believed to clear a good path for passing into the next life. The beauty of this area is we see Mt Everest from 3 different aspects. Locals believe that Everest is the “Mother Goddess of the World.” Indeed seeing Everest for the first time often brings tears.


We travel through and stay in villages, eat the local food, and cross the rarely crossed Renjo La (pass). Special highlights are hiking to the summit of Gokyo Ri at 17,600 feet, prayer ceremony at the Namche Monastery, hiking to the Fifth holy lake for meditation, seeing the Thame monastery and prayer service, and being immersed in the culture. We have formed lasting relationships with the locals and we are taken in like family at each Tea House. Unlike the Everest Base Camp trek this journey is far quieter with 70% less people than than the EBC trek.

Difficulty:  Advanced

Duration:  2 Weeks



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