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Location:  Nepal

Of course everyone wants to go to see Everest Base Camp.  Perched at 17,300 feet it sits right below the Khumbu Ice fall and has a rich mountaineering history and the starting point to climb the highest mountain in the world.  We approach the base camp via the Cho La.  This way you do not get caught up in the crowds going the traditional way and we cross the famous Cho La Pass.  While in the Gokyo valley we summit Gokyo Ri (17,600 feet), and see the holy lakes of the Gokyo Valley.  After crossing the Cho La we then join the traditional route at Labuje and have bypassed 5 days of crowds.   This is a beautiful challenging trek, the views are unparalleled.  We then exit down the traditional route.  If you want to go to Everest Base Camp this is the way to do it.

Difficulty:  Advanced

Duration:  2 Weeks



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