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Location:  Nepal, Khumbu Region

Difficulty:  5.8 Rock, AI 3, Altitude

Duration:  38 Days

Altitude:  22,500 ft, 6818 m

Ama Dablam test every aspect of the Alpinist.  You must show a climbing resume to join this expeditions.  The route covers 5.8 rock, Alpine Ice lll, and mixed ground.  Add altitude to these and you have a very challenging climb.  The line is very aesthetic and steep, camp ll has room for only 3 tents.  One of the fringe benefits of climbing Ama Dablam is its base camp.  A flat grassy area larger than a football field sits below the South Face.  Beautiful and comfy.  This expedition is the culmination of all your skills.  Matt Fioretti has led 3 expeditions to Ama and knows the intricacies of the route.



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