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Cultivating and deepening our relationship with nature is one of the most important things we can do. In a culture where work has become the primary focus, and technology absorbs much of our attention, this relationship has become strained. Our mission is to bring people into the remote high mountains of Nepal to reconnect with nature and self.  There is no better way to do this than a walk through the Himalaya.




Four Winds Himalayan Guide Service has been guiding trips in the Himalaya since 1994.  We have more than 20 years and 34 seasons of experience at altitude, including 20 successful climbing expeditions.  With an emphasis on uncrowded treks and remote climbs, clients leave Nepal/Tibet having experienced the rich culture, ancient trails, and the intense climbing available in the Himalaya.  Founder Matt Fioretti has been Alpine climbing since 1984 and brings 30 years of experience to the high altitude arena.  Gombu Sherpa, Singi Lama, and Arjun Rai joined Matt early on and bring with them more than 36 years combined experience on the trails and steep faces of the high peaks.  The accumulation of years and passion for the mountains between the 3 individuals insures a safe, rare adventure.


Our trips are intimate. We allow only 6 to 9 trekkers and 2 to 6 climbers on a journey. You can call the owner Matt Fioretti at home or office anytime prior to the trek or climb. Weather your on a climb or trek, individual attention is one of our top priorities. You can expect prompt, courteous responses to your questions. Pre-trip orientations allow for everyone to receive a comfortable knowledge about the journey. While on the trek our adherence to small group size helps members become brother and sister, a camaraderie that often lasts for years afterwards. The intimacy is extended to our Sherpa and Nepali friends. We have created lasting relationships with the locals. Our group is greeted with a warmth that suggests we are part of the family. You feel at home and get a “backstage” view into the culture.


We are the only company in the Himalaya to limit group size on our expeditions and treks.  We are also the only company to limit the weight our porters carry.  We have witnessed groups as large as 30 and porters whose  loads average 80 pounds and are as heavy 150 pounds


In an effort to keep the experience rich for others on the trail and within our group we limit our group size to 4 for climbing expeditions and 8 for treks.  This reduces pressure on locals and the impact on the environment.  With smaller groups comes less impact.


We have used the same porters for the past 6 years.  Our porters are the only ones in the Himalaya carrying forty pounds or less.  If you are planning a trip and not going with us we urge you to require the company you are going with to follow this policy.


We are generous and respectful to our porters, staff, and local culture through our actions.


MATT FIORETTI  -  Head Guide


Matt has been guiding climbing expeditions and leading treks in the Nepal Himalaya for 20 years. April of 2014 he completed his 34th season. In August of 2004 Matt would embark on one of the hardest climbs of his life with little chance of survival. He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia a rare bone marrow disorder. For well over a year Matt was in the death zone with blood levels as low as 30% of normal. After a year of struggle he finally accepted taking the only and highly dangerous route of a bone marrow transplant. On October 4 of 2005 he received the marrow of a non related donor, kind of like mixing water and oil and hoping at some point they blend. After 28 rounds of Chemo, 87 blood transfusions, full body radiation and 3 years of toil he reached the summit, surviving what would be the hardest climb of his life to date. Matt's favorite quote after the experience, "Remember to intentionally tweak your world once in awhile, get out of your comfort zone, it is here where the most growth occurs. Full on security is the denial of life". Matt has led 20 successful climbing expeditions in the Himalaya. Join one of his trips for an experience of a lifetime.

GOMBU SHERPA  -  Head Sherpa, Assistant to Head Guide


Gombu Sherpa’s first trip to the mountains was when he was 14 years old. His father Chaapa had been the head Sherpa for 13 years with Four Winds at that point. In 2004 Gombu joined his father and Matt for an expedition on an unclimbed peak called Nireka. At this young age he helped carry loads to advance base camp and showed his prowess at altitude and comfort in the mountains. Chaapa died in 2008 and at age 18 Gombu stepped in to help. In this short time Gombu has become the head Sherpa, has help facilitate 7 of our 20 expeditions, and now has 9 years of altitude experience.  He is calm, steady footed, and has a great wit, making clients laugh often. After a trek or expedition it is hard to part ways with Gombu, he has an infectious calm and happiness and his client care is professional of the highest grade.



1995  Denali

        (Led By Group)


1996  Denali


1996  Naya kanga


1997  Naya Kanga


1997  Naya kanga


1998  Kami Pinsum


1998  Cho Oyu


1999  Ama Dablam


1999  Ama Dablam


2000  Ama Dablam


2001  Labuje


2002  Pumori


2002  Kyajo Ri


2003 Pumori


2003  Kyajo Ri


2003  Nirekha


2007  Kyajo Ri


2008  Pumori


2009  Dawa


2011  Machermo


2012  Pharilapche


2013  Kangchung

ARJUN RAI  -  Guide and Head Porter


When I first met Arjun in 2009 I thought he was skinny and young, I worried about him. He was 19 years old. When we started on the trek that season he carried a load and I noticed he was helping clients at the same time. Porters have long hard days of carrying our stuff so to add to that work “client care” is pushing the limits of great work. This work ethic carried on the next day and the next. He never tired. He was quiet and attentive, a powerful combination in the mountains. Today he is our head porter and assistant guide when we need him to stay with slower clients. Reports from clients after arriving at the destination for the day range from “he is such a joy” to “ I love Arjun”. He was born in the mountains just south of Mt Everest and his skill on the trail shows.

ASMIT RAI  -   Assistant Guide and Porter


SAKUJIT RAI  -   Assistant Guide and Porter





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